Watch as Nancy Pelosi has breakdown on camera screaming “no no no” at reporter 11 times


The video of her breakdown shows her as she is leaving the stage, be questioned quickly by a reporter when she goes into a monstrous tirade at him.

Pelosi, who was giving a speech on Friday calling out Republicans for failing to deliver a plan to extend unemployment benefits, starts yelling at the reporter shouting ‘no no no’ over and over.

At first, we see her on screen becoming very animated over being questioned on attempting to shove vote by mail and other “justice” (her words) related issues into the relief bill.

“Republicans are derelict in their duty, taking off for the weekend instead of being ready all these months without preparing something to begin with. When we had our offer, they make their offer,” barked Pelosi.

“Now, 2 months and 8, 10 days have gone by, and where are they?”

Pelosi then leaves the podium and just out of the line of sight of the camera you hear the reporter ask her a followup question.

This is when you can hear Pelosi have her breakdown and start to yell “no” and then begins to rapidly scream “no, no, no, no, no”.

What the reporter asked isn’t audible but it isn’t the first time Pelosi has had a child-like attitude towards reporters.

She was asked recently why she “hated Trump” and she went into a tirade at the reporter about how she “hates no one” and is “full of love”.

Pelosi constantly jabbed her fist in the direction of the reporter who asked about her thoughts on the President and she even said to him “Don’t mess with me” in a threatening manner.

However, the constant bitter attitude towards reporters rarely gets reported on the Democrat side.

With regards to the Republican’s bill on unemployment help, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell asked for more time on Thursday the day before Pelosi’s comments, citing the need to review some fine details.