Video shows young children shout “F*** the police” and forced to carry signs saying “Eff Trump goons”


The young children are instructed to say the obscenities into the camera during a march in Portland, Oregon.

One toddler with her face covered by a mask even does the ‘Black Power’ fist on cue when she is told.

The shocking footage is taken outside of the Portland federal courthouse in Oregon, USA.

Outraged members of the public have taken to Twitter calling the scenes ‘child abuse’ and ‘disgusting’.

Protests have raged in the Democratic-led city for weeks with President Trump having to send federal agents and troops in as the situation worsens.

One person was stabbed in downtown Portland early Saturday morning, police said, after another night of protests.

Tear gas was deployed and even reports of officers firing warning shots at the crowd as they tried to surround and move in on them.

On Friday night people began shaking a fence the officers were behind while other people shot fireworks over it towards the authorities.

Police then “attempted to disperse the crowd using various munitions,” the statement from authorities read.

Federal agents also began a more forceful response to push the protesters back.

Bright flashes and smoke filled the air along with the sounds of loud explosions in an apocalyptic setting which has held it’s dark cloud over cities in America for weeks now.

Video footage of the protests showed federal agents dispersing tear gas and flash bangs from behind the heavy metal fence set up as a barricade between the justice center and protesters.

Protesters continued to clamber against the fence calling for justice and some even cutting it to try and get closer.

Protests in the city have raged for more than 50 days with Trump sending federal troops in to the city.

Last week Chris David, a Navy veteran, was beaten and pepper sprayed by authorities while attending his first protest in Portland.

Portland’s Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler said he ‘did not want’ Federal officers in his state or his city.