Anti-Trump Democrats and media say American cities NOT under siege despite more violent mob clashes with police


Police in Portland, Oregon say a fence protecting them outside of the Federal courthouse was ripped down and mobs attacked local and federal officers with claw hammers.

Some of the protesters even fired fireworks directly at police and there have been reports of gunfire in the early hours of Sunday night and Monday morning.

Portland police detained two people after a gunshot went off, and federal agents tackled and detained at least six protesters before seizing weapons and shields from their encampment.

Federal officers sent in by Trump responded to the masses at the weekend with tear gas to try and disperse the violent areas of the crowds which, according to sources, have grown bigger each night.

President Trump’s decision to send federal law enforcement agents to protect government buildings in Portland has been deeply controversial.

The Democratic governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, has demanded their withdrawal saying on Twitter that Trump just wants ‘brownies points’ and the ‘intrusion’ is not about the safety of the people.

And the Democratic mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, stated he did not want the feds involved and that ‘everything is under control’.

“Keep your troops in your own buildings, or have them leave our city,” Wheeler said at a news conference on Friday, saying the arrests and the crackdown on the anti-racism protesters were an ‘absolute abuse of federal law enforcement officials’.

Images of federal agents equipped like they are on the front lines of Iraq and Afghanistan being cornered by mobs of angry protesters show the contrary.

These American cities, mostly Democrat, look more like futuristic scenes from the Robocop films where angry punks and outcasts take it upon themselves to try and run cities with no respect for law and order.

However, this is present day America – and the Democrats are doing nothing about it.

The left-wing say that “the demonstrators would not be here if the federal agents weren’t here”.

Federal agents were sent in last week into Democrat-run cities such as Portland and Chicago by President Trump to quell and disperse danger and make law-abiding citizens feel safe, especially as television images of looting and senseless violence spread around the world in the wake of the BLM protests.

An autonomous zone was even created in Seattle a few weeks ago, a lawless place full of social outcasts who attacked hard-working citizens trying to walk and drive through their streets.

Some were even pulled from their cars and attacked just for wanting to pass through their city.

Even journalists were not allowed to go in, with one female reporter and her cameraman having to take refuge in a fire station from a baying mob.

Talking about the violence in Portland this weekend, which saw one man stabbed and numerous policemen injured, Donald Trump said on Twitter: “The ‘protesters’ are actually anarchists who hate our country. The line of innocent ‘mothers’ were a scam that Lamestream refuses to acknowledge, just like they don’t report the violence of these demonstrations!”

However, Sky News said: ‘This is simply not true. There are people here who are violent and may be better described as rioters. But, they are a minority by a long way.’

The ‘moms’ the President talks about are taking to the streets to protest, forming walls around the mob so that they aren’t shot with tear gas or arrested – whilst the mob they protect loot buildings and attack police and federal agents who are just trying to protect citizens and important buildings.

The ‘Portland Moms’ – who are 2,000 strong – take to the streets every night with sunflowers standing in the way of police trying to do their job – a job they wouldn’t need to do if the Oregon government did theirs and if people returned to their homes.

“I feel like sometimes mums are the last resort,” said Holly Waud a mother of two and who owns a small business in the city.

“We’re the people nobody expects to come out, right? We’re the people at home taking care of the kids so I think it means every sector of society has been affected.

“I don’t think the tear gas is always aimed at those being violent because one of my employees comes out here on a regular basis and he’s been shot.

“He got shot with a tear gas canister just last night in the head and he’s not a violent person.

“I know he’s not a violent person. He’s not throwing anything. He’s marching around and chanting.”

It has been over two months since the protests were sparked in Minneapolis, Minnesota by the killing of George Floyd.

The police involved in the killing have been arrested and charged with the relevant crimes.

Some have even said that the ‘killing’ was staged by actors pretending to be police in a bid to bring destruction to America by the Democrats during election year.

And although Black Lives Matter continues to be the current theme of the protests, the mob is now angry that Trump sent in the federal help.

These are agents where the vast majority risked their lives in the military in foreign lands and are now having to do the same in their beloved cities at home because the Democrats won’t do anything just to make President Trump kop the blame for their misgivings.

The media even call these highly-trained and patriotic troops ‘militia’ as if the President has just clicked his fingers and formed an armed mob to take on the ‘peaceful’ protesters.

As the violence surges and mobs descend on government buildings, an America full of green parks and children playing, sporting events with fireworks, cheerleaders and half-time shows that comes to mind when people think of the Land of the Free and the Star Spangled Banner seems a world away from what is being witnessed on a nightly basis.