Ant Middleton apologises but says he did not call BLM ‘scum’ after being told he faces sack


The ‘SAS: Who Dares Win’ frontman and former-special forces soldier says he did not call the ‘Black Lives Matter’ scum – only violent protesters.

The 39 year old now faces the sack from his job as Captain with the Royal Navy’s Volunteer Cadet Corps (VCC).

In his apology he tweeted:

“I’d just like to clarify a tweet I’d put out at the weekend and deleted straight away once I’d re-read it and realised that it could cause offence,” he began.

“I put out a tweet or retweeted a video of the violence, the terror and chaos that was happening on the streets of London. Within that tweet I mentioned the BLM and EDL and the word “scum”.

At no point was I calling the BLM scum and comparing the two organisations. I want to make that really, really clear.

The word scum was used to describe the people in the video that were violent, that were causing terror on the streets of London and setting a bad example for our future generations.”

However, the views have caused national uproar with not only the military brasses calling for his sacking but regular civilians too.

Some have even said he should be booted off the popular television show he co-hosts with other ex-SAS and SBS soldiers.

Users on Twitter with Black Lives Matter profile logos said, “There’s too many white people on that show – where are all the black soldiers?”

And another said “Middleton is a disgrace to the country and should be sacked from all shows.”

The Ministry of Defence have refused to comment yet but leaked documents from the Royal Navy says that Middleton is ‘not the person to lead the 650 boys and girls of the VCC.’

Middleton took up the honorary position in a hope to inspire young cadets after his glittering 15 year military career including multiple tours of Iraq and Afghanistan as a Special Boat Service soldier.

Sources say they want Middleton to resign rather than them face a face-to-face sacking.