America’s Frontline Doctors meet with Vice President to discuss use of hydroxychloroquine without political obstruction


Doctors from across America met with Vice President Mike Pence in a bid to get help from the administration in stopping the censorship of the chemical hydroxychloroquine.

It comes after a video, that was later removed from social media for misinformation, shows a Houston doctor saying the drug can cure coronavirus and that masks are ‘not neccessary.’

Not only was the video removed but Donald Trump Jr’s Twitter account was suspended for sharing the video.

The mainstream media have also lambasted the Houston doctor, named as Stella Immanuel, saying she believes in ‘wizardry’ and ‘paganism’ after her claims outside of the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Immanuel was also ‘accused’ by the media of saying that alien DNA is being used in current medicine in a bid to make her look ‘discredible.’

However, the national attention brought by the censorship has gathered doctors together to visit Washington today to get their help in promoting the drug.

President Trump said he was ‘dismayed they took her voice off.’

“There was a woman who was spectacular in her statements about it and she’s had tremendous success with it. And they took her voice off,” he said.

And in a bid for more views on the matter, Dr Simone Gold from Los Angeles, who leads America’s Frontline Doctors and said the coronavirus is ‘the same as flu’ , was invited to the White House today with others.

“We have just met with Vice President Mike Pence to request the administration’s assistance in empowering doctors to prescribe hydroxychloroquine without political obstruction,” Simone Gold, the group’s leader, tweeted. “We also discussed the recent censorship of doctors on social media platforms.”

“Just finished a great meeting with Vice President Mike Pence and his Chief of Staff,” tweeted another participant, James Todaro. “We are doing everything to restore the power of medicine back to doctors. Doctors everywhere should be able to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine without repercussions or obstruction.”

Jenny Beth Martin, the co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, also said she attended.

“Docs need to be able to prescribe FDA approved drugs for their patients as they could before covid w/o gov interference,” Martin tweeted.

The vice president’s office did not immediately respond to a request for more information about the meeting.

The group represented in the video and later at the White House, America’s Frontline Doctors, says its members are practicing doctors who have treated patients with coronavirus. Pence’s schedule described the meeting as a session with “practicing physicians on COVID-19.”

But it wasn’t immediately clear how many patients the doctors have treated. The group is backed by Tea Party Patriots, which promoted their news conference this week at the Supreme Court.

Gold, the group’s leader, has said that people do not need to wear masks and has downplayed the severity of the virus, including in May when she compared it to the flu and called it “really a disease of patients with pre-existing conditions and even more so nursing home patients.”

The members said the main focus with the Vice President was on the anti-malarial drug hyroxycholorquine.

Trump has been a leading proponent of the drug, and even took a course himself when some of his administration in Washington became infected with Covid in May.

But top administration health experts have said there is no evidence that the drug is effective.

Dr Anthony Fauci disgarees with the claims and agrees with the Food and Drug Administration that “the overwhelming prevailing clinical trials that have looked at the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine have indicated that it is not effective in coronavirus disease.”

Trump insisted otherwise during a Tuesday briefing, saying many people have suggested hydroxychloroquine is safe and effective against coronavirus.

“I thought her voice was an important voice, but I know nothing about her,” Trump said before abruptly departing the briefing room.

On Wednesday, the President reiterated that he was “very impressed” with Immanuel and the other doctors in the video.

Trump said he didn’t know any of the doctors’ histories before retweeting the message, and decried the decision to remove it from social media, saying “they took down her voice.”

“She was making a statement about hydroxychloroquine with other doctors that swear by it, that thinks its great,” Trump said on the South Lawn. “I was very impressed by her. I know nothing about her. I had never seen her before.”

Trump reiterated his support for the unproven anti-malarial, saying: “All I want to do is save lives.”

“I happen to be a believer in hydroxy,” Trump said.

Asked later about studies showing a number of Americans might not accept a vaccine, Trump said he wasn’t concerned — but that he was more focused on treatments.

“I am a big therapeutic person,” he said.