Paedophile Labour councillor walks free from court despite possessing videos of children being raped for over a decade


Roger Spackman, a Labour city councillor for Exeter, also complained his life ‘wasn’t the same anymore’ after losing his position after being arrested.

Alarmingly, Spackman, 50, also worked in a secure children’s home which is meant to deliver individualised care plans from social workers and local authorities.

Spackman abused this trust by downloading over 1 million images of children being sexually assaulted, including girls as young as 12 being raped.

After being arrested, his downloads were shown to go back as far as 2007, when he was working at the children’s home at the time and during his position as a Labour councilor.

Spackman, of Exeter, Devon, was arrested and 68 electronic devices were found at his home and examined.

Judge Johnson said it was ‘an astonishing number’ of images which included the most serious category A images and others of category B and C.

The judge said he was of good character working hard in public service as a councillor in Exeter before his ‘fall from grace which has been dramatic’.

Spackman’s barrister, Barry White, said, “He likes to pretend he is a young girl who will be abused. He will pretend to be a young girl.”

Mr White emphasised, “None of the images are of people who he knows. He has never sexually assaulted any children nor would he do so.”

“The images were sent to him by the other party in the fantasy which were indicative of what that person liked. He did not get to choose what images but he accepted them all.”

Prosecutor Thomas Faulkner said some of the worst images were found on two devices found in his bedroom.

He said, “Those images depicted pre-pubescent girls forced to take part in sexual activity.”

Mr White said there had been ‘considerable impact’ on his life since his arrest in October 2017 – quitting his Labour seat the day after his arrest and avoiding going out in public because ‘everyone knows what he has done’.

Spackman was given 10 months imprisonment – suspended for two years.