Soldiers heckled by BLM protesters in London as they scrub memorials and statues


A video shows the soldiers from the Household Cavalry, who had volunteered to clean the graffiti near their barracks in Central London, being filmed and heckled by the Black Lives Matter protesters.

They are seen scrubbing out the slogan ‘ACAB’ – which stands for “All cops are b*******”.

But as they wipe off the graffiti, one woman berates them for “not even waiting a day” to try and protect “their precious memorial” as she films them on her phone.

The video released by the Daily Mail shows the eight young troopers – plus a female friend – take time out from their busy schedule to volunteer to scrub the graffiti.

A young woman then accuses them of throwing away their signs calling it ‘vandalism.’

In the clip the hecklers shout abuse at the troopers while they silently remove the red marker

In true British Army discipline the group continue to clean the memorial with just an issued scrubbing brush and some hot water without saying a word, all whilst being heckled and accused by the left-wing mob.

Thousands of people took to social media to applaud the soldiers and to berate the protesters.

The group of soldiers from the Household Cavalry had volunteered to clean the graffiti after spotting it near their barracks in Central London

The memorial they were filmed cleaning was that of World War One officer General Earl Haig, which has stood in the same spot in Whitehall since 1937.

General Haig is reknowned for leading men during the Battles of Arras and the Battle of the Somme which claimed over 60,000 men on the first day alone.

Members of the Irish Guards were also filmed cleaning memorials in the wake of the BLM protests which raged throughout London in June.

Two Irish soldiers and a Fijian from the regiment were spotted in Whitehall scrubbing graffiti from memorials including the Cenotaph.