Breaking: Former Pope Benedict XVI ‘seriously frail and ill with shingles’ – may die


The 93-year-old retired pontiff is said to have had a facial infection since returning to Rome after a visit to his brother in Germany.

Former Pope Benedict XVI is seriously ill, has become very frail and ‘can barely speak’, according to reports.

Whilst there were reports that Benedict is under house arrest after Trump and the patriots stormed the Vatican, the left-wing media are reporting he was visiting his brother in Germany.

German newspapers had said Benedict visited his native Bavaria in June to pay his ailing brother Reverend Georg Ratzinger a final visit.

His brother who was 96 died on the visit.

And now the former Pope Benedict is reportedly back in the Vatican but suffering badly with the shingles.

It was reportedly Benedict’s first trip outside Italy since 2013, the year he resigned the papacy.

The retired pope has lived in a monastery in Vatican City since shortly after his retirement.

He was replaced by Pope Francis.

Benedict, right, was succeeded by Pope Francis, left
Pope Francis, left, with Pope Benedict

Benedict’s long-serving private secretary Archbishop Georg Gaenswein choked back tears as he read the tribute, which recalled Ratzinger’s dedication to leading the famed cathedral choir in Regensburg, southern Germany, for 30 years.

“This service was a great joy to him,” the 93-year-old Benedict wrote, expressing gratitude that he had been able to pay his brother a final visit in June.

“He did not ask me to visit him, but I could feel that the time had come to travel to him once again,” Benedict said in his message.