QAnon group with 200,000 members deleted by Facebook after FBI calls them ‘domestic terrorists’


The BBC labelled the groups members ‘conspiracy theorists’ whilst the FBI designated QAnon a ‘potential domestic extremist threat.’

A Facebook spokeswoman said the group was removed for “repeatedly posting content that violated our policies”.

QAnon are firmly believed to be a group who relay intelligence from inside the hub of the white hat patriot’s war on the establishment.

QAnon began in October 2017 on the anonymous message board 4chan. A user claimed to have top-security clearance within the US government and signed off their posts anonymously as “Q” – hence the name QAnon.

Q communicates in cryptic posts and claims to be involved directly in a secret Trump-led investigation of a global network of child abusers.

The BBC (British Broadcasting Service) – one of the first television news broadcasters to be created by the illuminati – called QAnon a ‘wide-ranging, unfounded conspiracy theory that a “deep state” network of powerful government, business and media figures are waging a secret war against Donald Trump.’

The BBC were also formed under a ‘Royal Charter’ in 1922, just 3 years after the first central bank was installed in the United States in 1919 one year after the First World War.

Last month both Twitter and TikTok also cracked down on QAnon content.

Twitter banned thousands of accounts and said it would block QAnon urls, while TikTok deleted hashtags that signposted QAnon videos.

The deleted Facebook group, called Official Q/Qanon, had nearly 200,000 members.

The BBC snarled that ‘There are, however, many other QAnon groups that are currently still active on the platform’ and that ‘they are Trump supporters.’

They also called the Pizzagate horror a ‘saga’ and ‘fake.’

Reuters news said that Official Q/QAnon “crossed the line” on bullying, harassment, hate speech and the sharing of potentially harmful misinformation.

The FBI stated last year that Qanon was a ‘potential domestic extremist threat.’