Democrats fear Kayne West will take ‘black vote’ – accuse him of crimes including fake signatures


The Democrats have fought to have Kayne West removed from the Presidential election citing ‘fake signatures’ including ‘Mickey Mouse.’

The states of Wisconsin and Illinois – both Democratic states – said on Friday that rapper West, 43, used fake signatorys after being told that 2,000 were needed to make the ballot.

West’s team produced 2,400 which according to Wisconsin state officials included ‘Kayne West’, ‘Bernie Sanders’ and ‘Mickey Mouse’ all residing in the Milwaukee area which makes them eligible to vote.

Several regulator addresses were also allegedly bogus as one circulator said he lived in an Illinois area zoned for industrial use only and a second listed a residence in California where he supposedly hasn’t lived in years, the complaint says.

A woman named Cheryl Pernell of Milwaukee County in the complaint said that someone approached her in a Walmart parking lot asking if she was registered to vote and asked her to sign a document confirming she was registered, and that was used for West’s ballot effort.

‘If I had known that, I wouldn’t have signed the papers, absolutely not. Kanye West would not get my vote and I think it is a joke that he is running for president,’ she said in the affidavit.

Milwaukee resident, Wanda Thompson, said in her affidavit that she signed the petition only after the circulator said he got paid $1 per name.

‘If he hadn’t told me he was getting paid per signature, I would never have signed this nomination paper,’ Thompson said.

In relation to the accusation of fake signatures, attorney Michael Maistelman, who gathered the affidavits for the state Democratic Party said: “If the affidavits are true … crimes were committed by the West campaign.”

The state of Illinois also said West was ‘too late’ to put his application in.

Even though his team put forward 3,218 signatures, a Democratic state official said that 1,928 (60%) were invalid.

However, many people feel that the Democrats are just scared that West is being used as a ploy by Donald Trump to syphon black votes away from Joe Biden.

Biden is still currently favourite to win the Presidential Election in November according to the polls.

The Democrats have also pandered hard for ‘in mail voting’ before Biden and Trump even face off in the debates, using the coronavirus as an excuse for people not to have to physically vote in elections.

This had led to people questioning the authenticity of votes on the Democrat sides, and even the talk of the Army and the National Guard being sent out to voting booths to oversee the procedures.

On Thursday black Milwaukee officials held a news conference denouncing West’s run for president, slamming his campaign as a Republican plot to steal the black vote from Biden.

‘We are here to basically say that you cannot fool us. We see what is happening,’ Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley said.

‘Kanye West is supporting Trump. Do not be mistaken,’ Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marcelia Nicholson said last week.

West has missed the ballot in several states including Florida, Michigan, South Carolina and Texas and he withdrew his nomination in New Jersey following accusations of voter fraud last week.

As for Wisconsin and Illinois, their complaint will be reviewed by the Elections Commission who will make a recommendation on his nomination papers judged by a panel of three Democrats and three Republicans.