Democrat councillors defund police in Seattle despite warnings


The Seattle City Council voted Monday to begin the process of defunding the police department.

Democrats have been happy to watch their cities burn hoping the American public are callous enough to believe President Donald Trump and the Republican Party are behind it, despite Trump wanting to – and having to – send in federal officers and agents to straighten the country out.

Seattle has been a poster image for the summer’s riots across America with apocalyptic images of cars burnt out and people laying wounded or dead in the street.

Protesters and rioters even managed to carve out their own autonomous zone in Capitol Hill in the city before Trump order police to move in after two weeks and rounded everybody up.

The councillors in Seattle voted 7 to 1 with council member Kshama Sawant being the sole “no” vote whilst Debora Juarez abstained from voting.

“While we can’t do everything in this summer rebalancing package, we have set the path forward for tremendous work in front of us as a council and as a city,” Councilwoman Teresa Mosqueda said.

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The cuts will reduce the police department by up to 100 officers through layoffs and attrition as well as cutting the $285,000 annual salary of the Police Chief Carmen Best and other top officers.

Best is the city’s first Black police chief and the pay cut would put her salary well below her White predecessor.

Some council members have said the initial cuts are a first step to more sweeping reductions and a rethinking of law enforcement in Seattle.

“It’s important to show community members that we hear them, that we’re working towards the same goal,” Councilwoman Teresa Mosqueda said.

The police chiefs have warned against defunding the police department saying that homelessness will be rife due to ‘homeless teams’ being one of the departments to be defunded.

Reducing funding for police departments has been championed by protesters in Seattle and other cities around the country following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, with the Democrats giving in to their every whim in a hope to be recognised.

In Seattle over the weekend, vandals broke into stores in the centre including Starbucks and broke glass doors at a Chase Bank and Key Bank branch.